Introductory Special!

$49 unlimited yoga classes for 2 weeks!

our mission

Our mission is to make wellness and healthy living effortless through movement and nutrition.

Our Hot Yoga Studio was designed to empower you with our vinyasa flows as well grow your practice. There is a class for everyone from the advanced yogi to someone who has never stepped foot on a yoga mat.

Fire Point has partnered with Juice Hub to bring you juice, smoothies and acai bowls before or after your practice. You are sure to get top quality ingredients with the freshest vegetable and fruits.

Allow us to be a part of your wellness journey!

Meet The Owner

Jasmine Ramirez is the owner of Fire Point Yoga. She has been a yoga student for 12 years and has tapped into her healthcare training to bring the health and wellness lifestyle to all.
As a mother of 2 and after working so closely with cancer patients, she knew she wanted to make yoga accessible for all, from the stretch classes to the empowering hot vinyasa flows!
She also decided to team up with Juice Hub to bring in the nutritional aspect of health and wellness all at one location! Together with Juice Hub, Jasmine hopes to focus on a holistic balance between mind, body, spirit, & nutrition!






"Amazing staff super friendly 10/10 def recommended :)"


"Dope owner, dope staff and dope studio!"

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