Our Classes

Warm Stretch

Stretch, mobility and range of motion are essential to our health and play a vital role in helping avoid injury.
Many of us are working behind a desk for 8 hours of the day. Our joints may feel stiff and after some time we may lose range of motion in our hips and shoulders. Stretching and accessing full range of motion in our joints allows for better quality movement and less pain.

This class will be heated to about 82 degrees which will allow for deeper stretching and will help loosen the muscles.

Our warm stretch class is good for all level students but especially good as an introductory yoga class.

Beginners Flow

If you’re looking for an introduction to power yoga then this is the class for you. In this class you will be introduced to all the fantastic power poses that yoga has to offer. It will also break down transitions and proper alignment.

This class will be heated to about 92 degrees which will help loosen up those muscles and help you go further than you thought possible!

The only thing required in this class is that you breathe.

Fire Flow

Have you been practicing yoga for a while and feel stuck? Are looking to grow your practice but you don’t have the time or the money to take a workshop every week? Well, this is the class for you. Fire flow was designed to push you outside of your comfort zone and teach you something new every time you take it.

Are you looking to grow your practice?

This fiery flow will get your heart pumping while exploring new poses.

This class will be heated to about 92 degrees and is designed for the intermediate to advanced yogi.

Fire Fusion

Our fire fusion classes will be shared between buti yoga and yoga bootcamp.

Buti yoga is a fusion of yoga with primal movement and tribal dance. The music and movement create a fun sculpting work out. This is a great way to spice up your yoga practice and add some explosive movements!

Yoga bootcamp is another great fusion class that blends yoga with cardio and strength training. This class will boost your endurance and stability while giving you a great work out. Add this class to your toolbox to break up your usual yoga routine.

Fusion classes will be held in a room heated to 92 degrees.

All are welcome to join these fun enlivening classes